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How to Glue Metal to Stone

Wondering how to glue stone to metal? Gluing metal to cement or any stone takes a special kind of glue. Your normal household Elmers or super glue isn't going to do the trick. Here is a step by step guide on how to glue metal to stone.

1Clean both surfaces thoroughly. Scrubbing each surface with a nylon brush and soapy water will do the trick. Any corrosion or mildew build up will compromise the adhesives abilities.

2After the stone has dried, brush any dirt and dust particles away from the surface. You will need a perfectly clean surface for optimal adhesion.

3Mix the two epoxies from your Industro Weld package together evenly. One tub contains liquid/epoxy resin and the other tube contains a hardener. Mix them together on a separate surface in equal parts.

4Apply your epoxy liberally to each surface and bond them together. Make sure to clamp or prop the pieces together as the adhesive will be extremely pliable at first. You will have about 25 minutes of work time before it starts to harden. For full cure, allow the epoxy 24 hours to dry.


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