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How to Find Rose Quartz in South Dakota

Rose quartz is found in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota. According to the Northern State University website, the quartz is mined in an area of exposed granite mass known as the Harney Peak. Rose quartz is formed within the earth's crust and very slowly makes its way up to the surface. Although most quartz is translucent or faint white, rose quartz can have a light to a brilliant pink color. You can find, or mine, your rose quartz in South Dakota if you have the right tools.

Contact the Regional Department of Transportation for permission to collect/mine for quartz. If you're on private land, you will need permission from the landowner, as well. Keep in mind that it's illegal to collect or mine on state (or federal) lands, which is important because the Custer State Park is located in the Black Hills region.

Measure one square meter of the land on which you've been given permission to collect. According to the Northern Sate University website, under state law only one square meter is allowed to be used to collect/mine rose quartz at a time.

Put on a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes from rock/mineral matter.

Place a rock down on the ground. Strike the rock with your hammer to break it open. Examine the inside of the rock to verify if it's rose quartz or not. The inside of the rock will appear pink and jagged.

Place your quartz into a bucket or dish for safekeeping. Continue to break apart different rocks to try and find rose quartz.


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