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    Natural stone tile is a lot more porous than it looks. It should be sealed with a liquid chemical sealant after installation to prevent it from absorbing moisture and stains. The grout between the tiles should also be sealed. Sealing is done
    Sealing stone tile properly will keep it looking good for years. Sealers will help protect the stone and reduce maintenance required. There are several types of sealers that provide different types of finish. All sealers fill porous cavities
    Travertine is a stone which has been around for many centuries and has been used both in construction and as decoration in building. You may not realize this but the Roman Coliseum was actually constructed almost entirely of travertine stone
    So you have decided on a limestone fireplace, one that is long lasting and durable. So what now? How do you take care of it?
    Landscaping is a part of any home and adds to its personality. When a home is built on a hill or a slope, steps make it easy to travel in both directions. However, the slope does not have to be a steep one to install steps. They can be a com
    Sealing natural stone can be easy. Sealing any type of natural stone is a great way to extend your stones life and enhance it
    Grouting and sealing natural stones is one of the most important aspects to creating the complete natural stone experience for any home or office. Whether a person is looking to finish the surface of a granite or marble installation or a mor
    People are more confident than ever about using travertine flooring in their offices and homes because of the obvious benefits they can achieve by having this natural stone as the main material of their floors. It is a must that your house o
    If travertine flooring is your choice in your home that you want to install, you are surely curious about how you
    One of the materials that are earning popularity points quickly among people who are into the field of home-building and home improvement is travertine. This seems to be because of the great things that travertine is capable of providing whe
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