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In order to protect the legitimate interests of copyright owners, according to "Copyright Law" and other legal requirements, Xiamen Dragon Stone issued the following copyright notice:

A, Xiamen Dragon Stone is all pages on the site design, page content copyright, and by the "Copyright Law" and other relevant laws and regulations and all intellectual property aspects of China's accession to international treaties, international

Convention and other protection. This site without authorization, any individual or organization shall not be copied, reproduced, excerpts, modify the content of this website; this site and others, agreement or otherwise except as otherwise provided by law.

Second, the site against any form of legitimate rights and interests of copyright infringement actions, to promote respect for all users of the legitimate rights and interests of copyright;

Third, the website for members to upload copyright works in any form of prior review of obligations attributable to live; on manned should be sure he does not infringe the copyright of others premise, set to work on this site, or should bear the legal


Fourth, in view of space, blog and forums and other interactive services, features, stone experience network users to upload their own data does not bear any legal responsibility, Xiamen Dragon Stone hope that all users of the web space, blog and forums and other interactive services

The content of supervision, if there is found to infringe on any third party copyright and other legal rights, please promptly inform, Xiamen Dragon Stone will be in strict accordance with the "Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance" in the provision be deleted.

5, the user through all the published original site means information, including but not limited to, articles, pictures, FLASH, audio and video files, and the copyright of their jointly owned by the user. The right to set up their own site or in cooperation www.xmdragon.com

Partners to open other columns within the excerpt, reproduced, and reference information on all or part of such content.

Sixth, any media reproduced excerpts on this website, published works, must obtain the relevant provisions of the copyright holder or the consent of the site and indicate the source and shall not exceed this website, the scope of the work reproduced; copyright statement or

Person who authorized this website is protected by copyright statement not reproduced excerpts of their works, a person shall not be reproduced without permission, excerpts, or to bear all the legal consequences;

Seven, the copyright holder found in violation of this site contain the content of their legitimate rights and interests or work, require the infringer to provide registration information website or remove the so-called infringing content, copyright law must be provided to the website the following six materials, or this website depending on the book

The right of ownership for the protest is invalid:
1. My identification;
2. Proof of copyright ownership;
3. Infringement of copyright works in the location of the site;
4. The true copyright holders need to contact methods;
5. Provided the above information for their own written guarantee of authenticity;
6. Other information required by the law expressly

Eight, given the characteristics of the Internet has vast amounts of information, Xiamen Dragon Stone does not rule out the website (not including interactive services) of the article, due to objective reasons can not get work or to contact the right people, stone experience network statement, this works, the article

Belongs to original author; If you think this site reproduced infringement, please send mail to: info@xmdragon.com description; site will receive a message, the first time disposal.

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